Frequently Asked Question

  • Is my personal information secure with Smart Voucher Card?

    Smart Voucher Card is built on the sole objective of security and reliability. To ensure the best digital security is available to our user we follow multiple global standards security features to deliver services to you.

  • What is OTP code?

    OTP (One Time Password) is a security code to ensure that there are no fraudulent transactions.

  • Smart Voucher Card is a digital wallet or payment getaway?

    No, Smart Voucher Card is a prepaid scratch card that can be used for bank deposits, cooperative deposits, and many more financial transactions. This is paper-based one-time use and throws card.

  • What is the transaction limit allowed?

    • Maximum per transaction limit: Rs.200 (KYC-Filled User) • Maximum per day transaction limit: Rs.400 (KYC-Filled User) • Maximum per transaction limit Rs.100 (KYC Not Filled User) • Maximum per day transaction limit: Rs.100 (KYC Not Filled User)

  • How to register on Smart Voucher Card?

     For mobile App, downloadthe Smart Voucher Cardmobile App from Google PlayStore (for Android) And App Store (for iPhone).Or browse website  Then, you shall be directed towards the homepage. With the options displayed as Login or register, there is two option,choose one option then click on register.  Fill in the required information full name, mobile number, email address, password and submit.  Then, you login using your username and password, when you first login you get new OTP code and use the code for first login.

  • What isSmart Voucher CardUsername?

     Smart Voucher Card username is your registered mobile number and email address both are your username.

  • What happens if I forget my Password?

     If you forget your password you can get a new password very easily. Please follow the instruction below.  Open Smart Voucher Card app or web.  On the login page, you’ll have an option forgot password.  Click on forgot password section.  Enter the registered mobile number or email address and click on submit button.  An OTP code will be received and after verification of it you can enter the new password and change  Your Smart Voucher Card password will be successfully changed.

  • What documents do I need to upload as my KYC?

     Soft copy of your recent PP size photo and either of the following documents (both front and backside)  Citizenship Certificate or  Driving License or  Passport or  PAN card.

  • What is the transaction services charge ?

    Transaction Services Charge: • Rs. 100 - 1000 Rs.10 (For Bank Transfer)

  • How long does it take for my KYC to get verified?

    Getting your KYC verified can take up to 7 hours up to 24 hours. But if the documents and information are correct the verification is much faster.

  • Can people living outside Nepal use Smart Voucher Card?

    No, people residing outside Nepal cannot sign up to Smart Voucher Card as they will need to sign up using a cell phone number registered in Nepal.

  • What happens if I lose my phone?

    The Smart Voucher Card mobile App does not store any information on your mobile phone, therefore if your phone is lost or stolen, you do not have to worry. All your information is safe in the Smart Voucher Card servers. Additionally, you can inform Smart Voucher Card Support to block your account. Also, you can login by new device using your same username and password.

  • What is Smart Voucher Card?

    The Smart Voucher Card is a prepaid scratch card that can be used for bank deposits, cooperative deposits, digital wallet load, and many more financial transactions. This is paper-based one-time use and throws card. These cards are easily available in the market and anyone can use them to make a quick financial transaction. These cards are very safe and easy to use.

  • What is Smart Club?

    The smart club is a membership subscription. Members of this group will have additional benefits. Only KYC verified users can be a member of this club.

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